Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Attn: McCain and Jindal - how about that volcano observatory?

Check out this photo of the lava flow from that Alaska volcano erupting this week. Remember how John McCain, Bobby Jindal and their fellow anti-"big government" phonies ridiculed federal funding for things like volcano observatories?

Blogger John Aravosis posted a relevant commentary at earlier this month. He was in Anchorage the last time the same volcano blew, in 1989.

Here's an excerpt:

I remember it was a clear sunny day, except for the black mass that was slowly advancing on us as we drove down the highway. By the time we got to my friend's sister's house, the sky was black. Pitch black. Street lights came on. It was the middle of a sunny day. And it was darker than the darkest closet, lights off, middle of the night. But there were no stars. Nothing. I've seen few things as creepy, and nothing as apocalyptic-seeming, in my life. The city initiated a quarantine, so I was stuck at my friend's sister's for 24 hours. Then the ash fell. Fascinating. A snowshower of volcanic ash - they're these sort of large grey snowflakes that fall even slower than snowflakes. Beautiful in a way. But not very good for you, healthwise. Volcanic ash has a way of making you choke. It nearly brought down a commercial airliner after it got sucked into the planes engines and they all turned off.

Check out the whole article. A good commentary on the ignorant Republican attacks on federal funding of important programs they deride as "pork barrel."

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