Saturday, August 15, 2009



By Emile Schepers

1. MICHELETTI DENOUNCES U.S. AMBASSADOR LLORENS, HOPES HE WON’T RETURN TO HONDURAS. The head of the coup government in Honduras, former Congress president Roberto Micheletti, has said that he hopes U.S. Ambassador Hugo Llorens has left Honduras forever. Telesur, EFE and Agence France-Presse are reporting that Micheletti made the comments in an impromptu news conference in the northern city of San Pedro Sula. According to the State Department Llorens is away on vacation, but Micheletti noted that perhaps he is gone forever as his ambassadorial flagpole and flag have been withdrawn. “It would seem he went off on vacation, that’s what I understand, but they withdrew the flagpole and his (its?) flag, so I hope he is not coming back”, Micheletti is quoted as saying. Micheletti has accused Llorens of interference in Honduran internal affairs because he went to meet with Zelaya in San Jose, Costa Rica, some weeks ago, explicitly recognizing Zelaya and not Micheletti as president. Llorens also has met with Honduran and international opponents of the coup. But in much of the commentary on the internet, there has been speculation that Llorens was complicit with the coup plotters, with his Cuban exile (Peter Pan baby) background and national security training and postings being cited as evidence. There have also been demands from the left that the U.S. government withdraw ambassador Llorens, to which Micheletti, ironically, now adds his voice. This blogger has been sharply criticized by some on the left for not insisting on the withdrawal of Llorens; my reply has been that President Zelaya had pointedly not asked for this and that he has seemed to think that Llorens could play some sort of useful role. We may soon see which perspective is closer to reality. Watch this space.

2. INTERESTING REPORT ON MEETING WITH U.S. DIPLOMATS IN TEGUCIGALPA BY HUMAN RIGHTS GROUPS. There is an interesting report by Belen Fernandez on a meeting between U.S. human rights groups and ambassador Llorens and his staff, on the Narco News Bulletin website. Go to

3. BOTH PROTESTS AND REPRESSION CONTINUE IN HONDURAS. Multiple news sources indicate that both protests against the coup regime and repression of dissent continue in Honduras. Opposition leaders state that they are under surveillance, there are disappearances and the offices of two of the organizations that are most involved in resisting the coup, Via Campesina and the Honduran brewery workers’ union, have been attacked by unknown gunmen (no casualties).

4. GET RESOLUTIONS PASSED ON HONDURAS. If anyone wants a model resolution to use with labor unions, and which can also be adapted for use with other kinds of mass organizations, please contact me at and I will send one to you. Many labor bodies are planning or having meetings on Honduras and now is the time to get such resolutions passed.

All for now.

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