Thursday, September 4, 2008

What about those 18 million cracks?

Sarah Palin's speech was just what Republicans like in a woman. It was mean-spirited, all form and no substance. Absolutely nothing about furthering those 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling. Actually her speech was more about covering up those cracks.

Who is Palin?

She is associated with the far-right/white supremecist Alaskan Independence Party. See Tim Wheeler's story.

It's an insult to ordinary working class people, moms, and small town folks to be compared to her and her reactionary ideology.

Absolutely nothing of substance in her speech. No policy information. And she couldn't because she is so far-right and the country is tired of these policies. So instead she launched a typical Rovian mean-spirited attack on the Democrats and Obama. Like Giuliani and those before her. It was like watching those "super-Orcs" from Middle Earth crawl out of the fires of Saurmon.

They are desperate.

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