Thursday, October 2, 2008

Biden v. Palin

Hard to see how any undecided working class/ middle class voter would not be impressed by Biden, his demeanor, his knowledge on issues and politics, his focus on working family issues and ending the Iraq war, his sincerity. He scored a few zingers, exposing McCain-Palin record - "McCain's no maverick" - but did it in a nice way. By contrast, Palin repeated "talking point" slogans over and over even when they were not on the question, avoided answering questions she thought were difficult, and showed little knowledge on issues. Everything was platitudes, generalities and plastic smiles. Her enthusiasm for "drill, baby, drill" is not likely to be hugely popular.

Biden exceeded my expectations in his performance, which I thought was flawless. It may be a big boost to the Obama momentum.

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