Thursday, October 23, 2008

Forgetting Education

In times like these, in the whirl of vital activities, we're apt to forget education. But how can we expect anyone to understand what is happening to them if they don't have any basic knowledge of such fundamentals as the class struggle and historical materialism?

Further, where are they going to learn what they need to know if CPUSA doesn't provide it? To our credit, a lot has been done. There have been some wonderful educationals organized by telephone conferences. Some of the more technically savvy activists are employing podcasting on critical subjects. Our North Texas group just had a fine "new members" class. I posted a summary on the Texas web site in the "Theory" section:

There's more we could do. No organized group should overlook the need for education. We need to explore more on-line methods, including programmed learning, web conferencing, and webinars, to meet the desperate need for understanding of this fast-changing world!

--Jim Lane in Dallas

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