Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Being thankful

As we prepare to sit and dine with our loved ones this Thanksgiving, there is much to be thankful for including eating that plate of delicious food in front of us. As the U.S. economy continues to worsen and unemployment rates increase, the thought of millions of people going hungry in the richest country of the world seems unheard of. But the fact of the matter is that millions are getting left out in the cold struggling to find food they cannot afford, let alone shelter or a job. Home foreclosures, the rising cost of living, minimum wage and energy bills and lack of health care are taking heavy tolls on hard working Americans all across the country. Hunger in the rest of the world is a devastating reality and continues to haunt the global community as nations struggle to adapt to a crumbling economic meltdown. So I am thankful today. I am grateful for the love shared by my family, for the support shared by my friends in struggle, who everyday fight for a better world where everyone can share the wealth of the earths natural resources in peace and unity. I am thankful for the hope that millions see in electing our first African American President Barack Obama and the urgency to ease the growing economic crisis affecting all. Together let us reflect on how we can play a positive role in helping one another in creating real and lasting change so that every human being is appreciated and respected, fed, clothed, and most of all loved. Remember there is no progress without struggle, but our fight is the fight for all. Let's celebrate our victories and meet the growing challenges that lie ahead with a warm heart and a rebellious spirit. Here are some interesting reads:

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