Sunday, November 30, 2008

#mumbai: Pakistan party responds to Mumbai attacks

Communist Workers and Peasant’s Party of Pakistan (CMKP) strongly condemns the barbaric and heinous acts of planned murder and destruction carried out by terrorists in Mumbai India. We express our sincerest condolence with all the people who fell victim to this savage

We also salute the entire Indian Left that is doing its utmost to reign in
reprisals by Hindu fundamentalist forces against the Muslims of India.

We strongly feel that the role of the Left in Pakistan is to expose and
organize against right-wing forces, both inside and outside the Pakistan
Military, that harbor an agenda against harmonious relation between Pakistan
and India.

The Left and the people of both countries should not let Mumbai terrorist
attacks undermine the Pakistani India peace process. Such a development will
provide the Pakistan Army with an excuse to continue a heavy deployment on
the Pak-India border and play in the hands of religious extremists to carry
on with their deadly vendetta against the people of both countries in the
name of religion, race and caste.

The people of both Pakistan and India have been a victim of religious
terrorism. It is for the people to understand that such terrorist
organizations and action sprout from the ideology of hate and divide on
religious grounds which is preached by both the Hindu and Muslim
Fundamentalists. People should not allow any agenda put forward by such
organizations to further the oppression of religious minorities.

Crimes of such barbarity must make people realize that the moment has
arrived for the people of both India and Pakistan to develop a unified
commitment towards peace and harmony in the world and combat extremism and
terrorism in all its shades and colors.

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