Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bush says no to drugs

The White House just released a "scientific" study about the effects of marijuana use on teens. Guess what kids? If you smoke pot, you could die! That's right - according to their study, marijuana use among teens can lead to dependency, mental illness, and suicide.

On the other hand, this same week the British government issued a report saying they are "unconvinced that there is a causal relationship between the use of cannabis and any affective disorder."

The scientific community has attacked the White House report, pointing out that it fails to understand even basic scientific concepts like "correlation≠causation"

What are your thoughts?

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Nicole said...

"A teen who has been depressed at some point in the past year is more than twice as likely to have used marijuana as teens who have not reported being depressed — 25 percent compared with 12 percent," said the report by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy.

Forget for a moment that this report is totally unscientific and biased; the interpretation of their bogus report was even more incorrect! It is far more likely that depression leads to drug use, not that marijuana causes depression. There are many complex reasons that people abuse drugs and alcohol, one of the most common is to dull emotional pain. The exact same statement can be said for alcohol, but the Bush administration is not trying to convince us that every recreational wine drinker is at risk for suicide.

the Jaded Prole said...

I find the short-sighted, greed-driven, imperialist policies of the Bush administration to be far more devastating to our mental, physical, and societal health than marijuana. These policies have proved far more deadly than any known disease. It seems the ban is misplaced.

gary said...

The two previous bloggers are spot on in thier assement.
I recommend seeking out the documentary "Grass" to see how the same arguement has been used over and over since the early 1900's. While not covered in the film the Regan/Bush administration destroyed every study they could get thier hands on because they all refudiated the official US position. Even copies in Europe where not safe. One wonders how depressed and suicidal our burnout in chief was when he smoked a joint at Camp David when daddy was veep. Much less all the other times he was stoned. W - the best argument against dope and the one they'll never use.