Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Help Stemilt Cherry workers get food, housing and justice

More than one hundred cherry pickers were evicted from where they were living after talking to news media about their working and living conditions in California. The United Farm Workers is working to aid these cherry pickers and fight the company responsible for this travesty, Stemilt Growers Company, which boasts of being the largest shipper of fresh-market sweet cherries in the world.

These cherry pickers worked for Stemilt in Washington State. They were told by company representatives to come to California for a job in the cherries. So they did. When these farm workers reached California, a number of the workers were hired, but other workers were told to just wait and see if they could get jobs. While in Washington, some of the workers were informed that housing would be available to them when they got to California, but when they got here there was no housing. They had no choice but to sleep in the fields. Some stayed in tents, others in cars and still others slept on cardboard or simply the dirt.

When workers went public, things only got worse. Stemilt company representatives' called the sheriffs to have the 100 plus workers and their property evicted from the orchard.

You can help too and send an e-mail to Stemilt asking them to take action about this situation. Go to:

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