Saturday, August 23, 2008

Some thoughts on Biden

All things considered, and reading the initial pundity commentary, Obama's choice of Biden seems like a pretty good pick for his campaign. Biden comes from a working class background in blue-collar Scranton, Pa. (same place Hillary Clinton traces her roots to) and apparently is well liked there - note: key battleground state - key blue collar voting population. He's Catholic and also supports women's right to make their own reproductive decisions. He's a seasoned and well respected political figure/member of Congress. He knows McCain well and is said to be well able to combatively take on and expose McCain. Though he voted for that war authorization in 2002, he has long opposed the war and said that vote was a mistake. Yes he put forward a misguided plan to divide Iraq into 3 parts - but that's not going anywhere and I doubt it's an issue for this campaign. The AFL-CIO gives him an 85 percent lifetime pro-worker voting record. Yes, he's a centrist. Well, duh! This is a liberal-centrist ticket with two very strong political figures. I think it should help propel a dynamic campaign this fall that can move progressive politics forward by leaps and bounds.

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