Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thoughts on Hillary's speech

All the buzz on Hillary's speech is she did what she was supposed to do -- and with a lot of style, substance and grace. Of course, McCain is focusing on what she -- according to their campaign -- should have said and didn't. Talk about male supremacy!

Anyway, the speech was masterful politics. And the thing that really struck me. She appropriated the Obama-style of doing politics and made it her own. From the grassroots -- bottom up change, references abounded. She even mentioned "union workers" two times. HArriet Tubman quote. Bush, McCain and the Twin Cities were all great parts of the speech.

At the All Boats Rise forum on the economy NY Times columnist Paul Krugman said even Rubin doesn't agree with Rubin-economics anymore. Well even Hillary Clinton doesn't agree with Clintonian politics anymore.

The brilliance of the Obama campaign was they understood this particular moment in history -- the end of the Bush era, the incredible changes taking place with new technology, and the mushrooming up of a major political movement in response to the corporate, ultra right offensive.

Clinton's campaign did not see the future but started out basing her campaign on the 1990s and "triangulation" -- or ameliorating the ultra-right.

But so much has changed since the 1990s. In the economy, look at the disaster their financial free trade has wrought. Subprime, credit meltdowns, foreclosures, bleeding jobs, wages stagnant, bankruptcies from skyrocketing health care costs/millions without insurance. Not to mention the civil rights gains being repealed, college costs, public schools and of course the Iraq war with its lies, deaths, and treasure spent.

I really agree with the previous post by Joelle Fishman. A major political realignment is underway and Hillary Clinton gets it and is going to be part of shaping the flow of history.

I wonder if her husband will get it, too.

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