Monday, September 14, 2009


By Emile Schepers

Some short items, and a link to a recommended reading today.

1. I checked the Colombian press this AM, there is nothing new about yesterday's report of AUC ultra-right death squad types being sent to do police work in Honduras. I will keep monitoring this.

2. The pro-Micheletti Honduran ambassador was thrown out of the meeting of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights today, because of not being recognized by the Zelaya government in exile as their representative, so this individual had no business being there.

3. The United Nations Development Program has cut off aid to Honduras which was supposed to help the November 29 elections go smoothly. Most of the world is now not recognizing those elections and its results as legit, so this is logical.

4. There is an extremely interesting discussion on the ALAI-Network website, featuring the viewpoint of Honduran social scientist and Zelaya supporter Leticia Salomon, who is Director of Scientific Research at the National Autonomous University of Honduras, in Tegucigalpa. She explores the motivations and probable actions of various actors and sectors on the pro-coup side. She concludes that the coup group will collapse before November. Rather than summarizing it here, I suggest you read the whole thing at:

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