Saturday, September 5, 2009


By Emile Schepers.

I am still 0n the road so these are shorter posts, done in the morning rather than the evening.

1. IMF TO CUT OFF $$$ TO HONDURAS? There is a story from the "Toward Freedom" organization that suggests that the International Monetary Fund will deny the Micheletti de facto regime $164 million in special funds being distributed around the world. The fund, which was authorized for Honduras on Aug 28, is supposed to help offset the blow of the world financial crisis. The whole story can be read at

2. CHAVEZ SAYS OBAMA ADMINISTRATION MOVE ON HONDURAS WELCOME BUT "A BIT LATE". Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez said yesterday that the decision by the Obama administration not to recognize the Nov. elections in Honduras, plus to tighten up sanctions by cancelling visas of coup leaders, is welcome but "a bit late".

3. GUATEMALA SAYS HONDURAS ELECTIONS WOULD NOT BE LEGAL. On the occasion of a visit to Guatemala by Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, Guatemalan president Alvaro Colom stated firmly that his country will not recognize the results of the projected November 24 eletions in Honduras unless Zelaya and constitutional normality are restored.

4. COUP REGIME PUNISHES BRAZIL. The coup regime headed by Roberto Micheletti has announced that all Brazilians traveling to Honduras, except for those living permanently in the country as legal immigrants, will have to go through the full visa process. This is to punish Brazil for its stance agaisnt the coup.

That's all for now, more tomorrow.

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