Monday, September 14, 2009

"Standing Together" Gets New Meaning in Dallas

Rain packed North Texans inside the famous honky-tonk "Gilleys" for a health care rally on September 14. They waved signs that said "Thank You" on one side and "Standing Together for Health Care" on the other. An estimated 600 of them stood elbow-to-elbow in a room that would have been comfortable with half as many.

But they didn't mind. Popular political figures like State Senator Royce West, State Representatives Roberto Alonzo and Mark Veazey, and "probably the most popular District Attorney in America" Craig Watkins urged them to continue to fight for every provision of President Obama's health care plan.

They yelled "Fired up, Ready to Go!" over and over in the cramped quarters. The occasion was the "Health Insurance Reform now Bus Tour" that is crossing the United States. For more information on the tour,

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