Friday, July 17, 2009

Big profits at big banks but what about jobs?

News of bank profits soaring into billions from second quarter! $3.4 billion at Goldman Sachs, $2.7 billion at JP Morgan, $3.2 billion at BofA and now $3 billion for Citigroup

Paul Krugman has a good take on Goldman Sachs and the "financialization" of the economy:

I am really sick though of the talk in most media outlets that the economy is all about how the "market" is doing -- the stock market, that is -- and how much profits banks and big corporations have made. That is just one measure of the economy -- and the measure that Big Capital cares about.

But the "real" economy is about regular people and families -- and those reports don't make the business news headlines. Joblessness continues to rise and the jobless numbers for African Americans and Latinos are much higher than the 9.5 percent national average. Joblessness leads to many, many other crises -- social, health, community, education ... The grassroots movement has to be stronger to help the president pass some of his initiatives and take on those that want to block them.

Those bank profits should be heavily taxed and the government can use that tax money for a job and infrastructure development bank, since all these banks aren't going to voluntarily invest in creating necessary jobs here. They will invest where the maximum profit is -- not for the socially necessary work. Like providing health care for all, making sure we have environmentally sound and modern water and sewage systems (another water main break in NYC today -- this time in front of our NY office!), mass transportation that's affordable and green, modern schools with WiFi and IT people to help staff them, no shortage of things that need to be done that could create good, union jobs for all.

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