Saturday, July 4, 2009

Watch out for Sarah Palin -- a prediction

I know predictions are risky in politics -- but who wants to "play it safe?" Not me. So here it goes.

I think Sarah Palin is definitely going to build a national network for her presidential run in 2012. She has some backing from some GOP elite, like William Kristol, for example. The GOP is desperately looking for people who can excite their base, and what we saw in 2008 is that Sarah Barracuda can do just that. But it's the fascist-leaning part of the GOP's base. And that is what she is going to build on. So here is my prediction: she's going to criss-cross the lower 48 and build up storm troopers on a national level. Those in the GOP elite think this is the way to go. The more moderate still left in the GOP are a weak minority. The GOP has gone more and more to the far-right since the election of Obama. Witness the increasing shrillness of Rush Limbaugh -- the self-proclaimed leader -- of the GOP, Newt Gingrich and the others in the media blabosphere like Glenn Beck.

Second prediction: three areas Sarah Barracuda is going to attack the Obama administration and try to drum up support on: racism, role of government and the role of the United States in the world. These themes are dynamically intertwined and are the heart and soul of the ideology of the far-right and corporate power. Already attacks on the role of government are happening -- using anti-Communism (i.e. everything the government plays a role in is "socialistic") and racism. And on a new foreign policy -- that Obama is making America "weak."

They are doing everything in their power to limit and roll back the tremendous people's victory last November and Sarah will be their gal to try to do it.

Third prediction: It will get ugly -- but they won't be successful.

If White House Is Her Goal, Palin’s Route Is Risky

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