Friday, July 10, 2009

Tax the rich for health care!

FINALLY! I would say tax those families that make over a million a year would probably be enough. Ramp the tax rate up for capital gains to 90 percent to pay for health care! As one of the infamous "public enemies" said when asked why he robs banks "that's where the money is." Well that's where the money is -- with the super-wealthy and corporate elite. Let them for once pay their "fair share" for something that the super-majority needs. -- terrie

House Democrats Plan to Tax the Wealthy for Health Reform

To pay for a sweeping overhaul of the health care system,
House Democrats will propose a surtax on individuals earning
$280,000 and up and couples earning more than $350,000, the
chairman of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee said on

In all, the proposal is projected to generate roughly $550
billion over 10 years, which would cover about half of the
estimated cost of the $1-trillion-plus health care

But it remains unclear if the Senate would approve such an
across-the-board income tax on the wealthy.

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