Thursday, July 23, 2009

All online? Nope, there's more to the stories

The last few days a few blogs have reported that the People's Weekly World -- soon to be Peoples World -- will be going online only. Unfortunately the reporting has missed a few key components to the upcoming changes.

First -- we are now a daily online! This is something that our readership has wanted since we had to stop daily publishing in 1991. Now with the new technology and new focus on digital printing -- daily publishing is possible for us. This is a huge step and something to be celebrated.

Second -- we will be part of a new set of websites to be launched on Sept. 1, 2009. We will maintain our url:, but will interact with a group of websites under the portal: People Before Profits. The other websites will include Political Affairs,, Communist Party, and Young Communist League, Each site has its own editorial collectives and missions, yet will share information with each other.

(BTW, in each article the People's Weekly World is referred to as the Communist Party's newspaper. Actually the People's Weekly World is published by Long View Publishing -- not the Communist Party. And our editorial mission is broader than bringing only the news and views of the Communist Party. Our editorial mission seeks to bring the news and views of the very broad, multi-racial working-class movement in our country and the issues and struggles affecting the U.S. working class and people.)

Third -- the current format of the hard-copy People's Weekly World is still being published. This format -- 12 pp, web press, 11"x17" -- will cease in January 2010. So subscribers have 5 months to enjoy this current format.

Fourth -- in addition to the daily content online the People's Weekly World will publish a downloadable weekly PDF edition which can be copied and distributed locally.

Fifth -- for current subscriber without any access to a computer (this includes prisoner subscriptions) this weekly PDF edition can be sent to you weekly. There will be a cost -- like the current subscription rate -- involved, but it will guarantee that you have access to some of the most pressing stories we have published online. I am currently surveying readers and compiling a list for subscribers who have no online access. So far the number is relatively low -- only 1-2 percent of our readership.

We invite all bloggers to check out and review our new website set to go live September 1. Any readers who are interested in becoming "worker correspondents" for us, please e-mail me at

Black and White and Red No More: Communist Paper Going Online-Only

(I have to say I thought this was a clever header! Others thought it made it sound like we aren't being read...what say you?)

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