Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jon Voight feels under little ol' me

J.M. Eddins Jr./ The Washington Times Actor and conservative commentator Jon Voight is interviewed on "America's Morning News with Melanie Morgan and John McCaslin" at The Washington Times, lashing back at critics who attacked his political views as hate speech.

Who'd have thunk it. A movie star who I used to LOVE (especially in Coming Home and The Champ)is upset about my comments about his speech to the GOP. Hmmm must have really touched a nerve with him. Read the Wash. Times article below:

Voight rebuts 'hate speech' tag
Dissent, he says, isn't 'hate'

Free speech got a loud boost from Hollywood on Wednesday. Jon Voight has responded to accusations from a critic sympathetic to the American Communist Party, who said the actor had used hate speech and threatened the well-being of President Obama during a recent appearance before Republicans in Washington.

Mr. Voight denied both charges, saying that those who speak out against the Obama administration are "demonized" and "attacked," often with hate speech.

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